FREEHOME is a chilean project of innovative, efficient and versatile small homes that can be installed anywhere, and offers a great experience to connect with nature.

How to get a module?
Choose the module you prefer and contact us to quote and answer your questions.
How is the payment process?

We sign a contract and start manufacturing the chosen module. In 8-12 weeks your FREEHOME will be ready to be shipped and installed wherever you want.

What is the selling price?

The prices of our modular homes are:
Shelter Module: $26,000 USD
Loft module: $32,000 USD

Should I bear additional costs?

Additional costs such as transportation and assembly, and connection to the water, electricity and sewerage network, or the alternative of Independent Systems (if your land does not have networks) must be considered.

Do you ship all over Chile?

Yes, we send modules to all of Chile.
It is necessary for the land to be accessible by a 3.5 meter wide and 12 meter long boom truck.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we send modules wherever you want.
For shipments abroad, the module is shipped disassembled in a 40-foot container, by a certified company.

In what type of climates can it be located?

You can install it in any type of weather. The materials used comply with extreme climates, including wind and snow. For example, in Chile it complies with the most extreme Thermal Zoning, Zone 7, according to the local ordinance (OGUC).
In some locations, for added comfort, a heating or air conditioning system may be required.

Can I install it in a land without electricity or water network?

Yes, we offer our option of Independent Systems: Electric based on photovoltaic panels, and Water through removable fresh, gray and black water tanks, vacuum or dry toilet, and water pumps (concept similar to motor homes, airplanes or boats).

We believe that the future of architecture must go towards self-sufficient habitability, and our systems are a great opportunity to achieve that change.

What material are they made of?

The structure of the modules is in SIP Panel with steel frames, thermo-panel windows, aluminum exterior cladding and cardboard and porcelain / ceramic interior plaster, vinyl flooring, and vesto melamine furniture.

What home automation systems do you use?

We use touch switches and plugs from the Italian brand AVE, SmartLock which allows multiple access and security options, and All in One Audio Systems (optional).

They come with any warranty?

Yes, every FREEHOME includes a 10-year warranty for the supporting structure, 5-year for construction elements and 3-year for coatings and finishings.

What is the useful life of a module?

The high quality of the materials used in our modules gives them a useful life of approx. 50 years, with proper use and maintenance. Its duration is equivalent to that of a traditional construction house.